Family Service Agency’s Senior Peer Counseling Program (SPC) offers unique peer-to-peer services to the older adult community of San Francisco. Our counselors and our clients are all age 55 or older. They share many of the challenges that go hand in hand with the aging process.

If, as you have gotten older, you have experienced the losses of partners, other family members, close friends, or if you are feeling lonely, isolated, or depressed, you are not alone and we can help. It has been our experience that talking with someone close to your own age and with similar experiences is extremely beneficial in getting through rough times.

Our Senior Peer Counselors are warm, caring, and accepting volunteers. Their goal is not to judge you or try to "fix" you, but rather to listen to you and share a lifetime of experience with you. Our volunteers are not a substitute for professional help, but they often act as a valuable addition to other professional and community services you may choose.

Our services are available free of charge.