Family Service Agency’s Senior Peer Counseling Program (SPC) has been serving the older adult community since 1998 and offers services providing emotional support to older adults who are having difficulty handling the uncertainties and dilemmas inherent in the aging process.

Through their close relationship with peer clients, the Senior Peer Counselors become an integral part of their clients’ lives and an invaluable aid in coping with challenging transitions. They meet with their clients individually or in various group settings. With time, they become a significant adjunct to the professionals serving the older adult community in San Francisco.

The SPC program draws on the wisdom and experiences of our volunteers to help others navigate through rough times. This innovative approach to providing services to the older adult community benefits all involved–enhancing clients’ quality of life, the counselors’ sense of self-worth, and the public health of the
San Francisco community.

Services are available free of charge.